About  Chrissanth Greene-Gross


I have been watching the magical process of making people come alive on canvas as early as I can remember: my dad was an illustrator; and my mother was a highly sought after model.


The best pieces are always the ones that appear with something unexpected. When at work, I am always listening with my heart, tracking the spirit animating every object, following a gesture and energy that lead to a unique and unexpected vista. The void is a powerful partner. I enter it consciously, respectfully, seeking to engage, converse and dance with it. 

When am I finished? A piece is done when it breathes on its own. This often calls on me to embrace the imperfections generated in the mess of living. I want to feel all the forces--seen and unseen--shaping my model, every reminder that this moment is precious and fleeting.  


A graduate of the High School of Music and Art, Queens College and the University of Michigan, I have extended my art education over the years by studying with Daniel Greene, Andrew Lattimore, Joe Paquet and figurative sculptor, Richard McDermott Miller.  I have worked as a storyboard artist, sculptor’s assistant, educator, illustrator of children’s books and portrait artist for over 30 years.  

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8 Little Mountain Road

North Salem, New York 10560

Open by appointment

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